The basin is not selected well, the bathroom appearance level is not high ~

The basin is a very heavy presence in the bathroom or bathroom, and it is also the most frequently used object, which affects the appearance level and use comfort of the bathroom.

1.1 Table Basin

The appearance of the basin is very high, and the installation is simple, the maintenance and replacement is convenient, only need to open a hole in the appropriate position of the countertop, and then seal the contact line between the two with glass glue. The shape of the basin is very free, round, square, all kinds of irregular.However, the basin is relatively difficult to clean, and it is easy to get water on the ground when cleaning the countertop.

1.2 Lower Basin

Under the basin is a very common type of basin on the market at present, its most significant feature is easy to take care of, no health dead corners, table cleaning is also very convenient, directly the water to the basin on the line.
But its disadvantages are also more obvious: the appearance level is flat, less style; The installation is relatively difficult, if the basin is not connected to the countertop, it is easy to leak, affecting the use of the bathroom cabinet below; The replacement is also very troublesome, to lift the whole table.

1.3 Platform basin/semi-embedded platform basin

This semi-embedded basin between the platform basin and the lower basin is also between the platform and the lower basin in terms of aesthetics, installation and replacement convenience. At the same time, it also gathers the shortcomings of both: it is not convenient to clean, and the style is relatively few, but it is also widely used.

  1. Most convenient – One body basin

The basin is integrated with the countertop without joint.One body basin, perfect for small bathroom. The countertop, basin and bathroom cabinet are integrated, which is very convenient to install and clean.

Ultimate simplicity – wall hanging

This generally does not have a bathroom cabinet, only a basin or basin and countertop both, and the drainage is mostly wall drainage.

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