Home decoration, sink choose platform basin or under basin?

The advantages and disadvantages of countertops
Countertops are the most common installation method in our daily lives, whether it is the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink.The design of the table basin is used, because it is directly placed on the cabinet table surface, which is easier to install. When the basin is installed, in order to fix it, a lot of glass glue will be put on the bottom, which will breed a lot of mold in a damp and dark environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of the underbasin
The cost of installing the basin is relatively high, whether it is the early installation or later maintenance, it is more troublesome. Its load-bearing force is relatively weak, and the monitoring place is easy to age and fall off after long-term use.Cracks can also breed mold, mold and black, and it takes a lot of time to clean each time. In particular, the design of the basin under the bathroom installation rock plate will not only breed sanitary dead spots, but also lead to the bottom falling off.

In fact, no matter what kind of sink is used, it will have certain advantages and disadvantages, and it must be developed according to its actual needs and decoration plan.

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