The material of the basin

  1. The most popular – ceramics

Ceramic basin is the most common material, it has many varieties, mature process, smooth surface, dirt resistant, easy to clean, affordable, color to match the white mainly, but also green, black, blue and other colors. Pure white unpatterned ceramic basins are the most common, but there are also a variety of simple or complex patterns. The shape is mainly oval, semi-circle and square, with relatively few changes.
When selecting a ceramic table basin, touch the surface with your hand, or observe the surface reflection under strong light to feel or observe the smoothness of the surface, especially the details such as corners, the more flat and smooth the general surface, the more resistant to dirt and the better to clean.
At the same time, don’t forget to screen for pinholes, trachoma, cracks and other defects.
In addition, you can also look at the water absorption of the product in the product description, the lower the water absorption rate (the water absorption rate of high-end products is generally less than 3%, and the water absorption rate of some big-name products is as low as 0.5%), the less prone to deformation and cracking of the surface.

  1. Artificial stone

Artificial stone can make a variety of shapes, colors, patterns of the basin, and a variety of color, high finish, light weight, corrosion resistance, strong anti-strike ability, very versatile, relatively widely used. But its price is higher, and the performance of high temperature resistance is also questionable.

  1. Marble

Marble basin, the general shape is slightly larger, the style is simple and bright, and the anti-scratch performance is good; Lack of elasticity, easy to crack when hit; It’s expensive.

Step 4: Metal

The metal basin is generally the design of the platform basin, the shape is simple and changeable, the metal color saturation is high, and the texture is very good. But the metal has a rust problem, and the family bathroom is rarely used.

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