Do I have to remove the table surface to replace the basin

The biggest disadvantage of the basin is that the maintenance is very troublesome, if you want to replace the basin must first remove the original table. But this does not mean that the original table can not continue to use, as long as the removal of the basin pay attention to the method and strength do not damage the original table, the table can continue to use. Remove the step surface only to replace the basin, cutting and grinding construction is more convenient.

Under basin replacement steps:

1, remove the original basin
Generally, the basin and the table are fixed with glue, and the marble glue in the seam can be slowly ground off with a small cutting machine, so that the basin can be taken down as a whole.
If there is no cutting machine can not be removed, you need to find experienced workers to break and disassemble, the strength should be grasped, otherwise the table is easy to crack. If it is their own direct hand knock, generally will have an impact on the table.

2, bracket installation
The underbasin usually has a heavy weight, so when replacing, try to customize a support according to the size of the underplate.
The main function of the bracket is to support the basin, which needs to be fixed on the wall.

3, the lower SLATE punching
First, find the stone material with the countertop to make the lower plate, and then begin to drill holes for the sandwich stone. It is worth noting that the lower plate is covered from the bottom to the top, and the holes are slightly smaller than the holes in the countertop, just over the sink.

The corners of the lower plate need to be polished according to the shape and corners of the sink, and then the surface is cleaned.

Bonding and fixing
After completing the work of the plate, the sink can be placed and then buckled in the middle of the bracket and the bottom of the workbench surface. The marble and countertop are then firmly adhered to the countertop.

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