The basin water with the wall line is also lined up? I saw it before I realized it was so

The basin is favored by consumers because of its simple appearance, small footprint and strong decoration. Has become a contemporary home decoration often led to decoration. The method of basin launching is divided into wall row and floor row decoration wall row construction, so how many advantages and disadvantages do they have, which one is better?

Advantages of wall row:

(1) Strong aesthetics: good visual effect, the water pipe in the wall which is good, do not worry about the water pipe outside the obstruction of beauty, or must be blocked.

It is conducive to cleaning: there is no sanitary dead corner, saving the contact with the floor, and it is very convenient in cleaning.

③ Saves space: the wall row is laid on the ground and will not occupy a larger area.

Disadvantages of wall row:

① Slow water speed: Because the water pipe is in the wall, there will be curve decoration wall construction, and the water speed will be slowed down in the curve, which will inevitably lead to too slow launching.

Easy to break: the wall pipe will have several bends, and if there are foreign bodies in the face, it is easy to cause damage. It’s also very difficult to unclog. Repairs are troublesome in case of damage. (Of course, it can be prevented by keeping these phenomena in mind during daily use)

③ Installation trouble: the wall row must let the pipe room in the wall, and it is very troublesome in the installation process.

Advantages of floor row:

① Easy to row pipes, smooth drainage: there are not so many curves, smooth drainage.

It is not easy to block: it is a straight pipe on the top, some small dirt will not cause damage, even if it is blocked, it is better to dredge.

③ Easy installation: the pipe does not need to be hidden in the wall, and the installation is very convenient.

Disadvantages of floor row:

Sanitary dead corners: the pipe is on the top, which is very troublesome when cleaning, and some places are very easy to ignore.

The aesthetic is not high: the pipe exposed on the above affects the thick, if you can make it to create a higher aesthetic must also be covered by cabinets or other methods.

Whether it is wall row or floor row home decoration, first of all, the construction of accessories must be selected well, the quality of pipes and joints must pass, otherwise there will be water leakage problems. It is best to decide before the renovation, so that you can avoid the trouble of replacing it later.

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